There is a joy in me. It wants out. It wants to spread. It wants to rule the world.
I want to let it.

So, I decided that my happiness was my responsibility a long time ago. I’m happy because I want to be, and I keep myself around people and environments that facilitate my desired state. That being said, it does not mean that others don’t contribute to said state.
This week has been GLORIOUS! All but one child is here with me, the spouse also, work is going incredibly well, and I have become friends with some of the most thoughtful and generous souls. I have spent the entire week in fellowship. As far as contributions are concerned, my cup runneth over. I feel like I’m about to pop and spew happy everywhere. “HAPPY HERE, GET YA FREE HAPPY HERE! SNAG A HUG AND SOME HAPPY, GOT YA RIGHT HERE!”
And because I’m happy to begin with, it just stacks. Like gaming stats or something. I am so thankful for the people around me. I want to share the joy and the love. So smiles everywhere, and favors galore.
To those around me

Thank you for being part of my happy :)

Current Mood:Esctatic emoticon Esctatic & Happy emoticon Happy

Sooo, this was supposed to be a daily thing. Oops. I’ve just been so busy! and getting so much done! The side effects have disappeared. No dizzy, no cranky when hungry, none at all. The only side effects that I have seen are positive: because I take it at the same time every day, I get tired at the same time every day, at night. I am sleeping better and longer. I wake up a little before the alarm goes off. I’m getting more done when I get home. Laundry, picking up etc. Planning is easier, and easier to stick to. My appetite has not changed. I still eat on time, and the same amount. And of course I’m not distracted as easily.

All I can say is that for now, I can report that the medication does what it says on the tin.